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December 14th, 2018 • EVENT

Sacred Object Holiday Bazaar

Kin Social Tonic

Come for gifts, stay for bliss. Our Bliss Bar will be open at Maha Rose’s Sacred Object Holiday Bazaar, serving euphoric drinks to sip and offering limited High Rhode bottles to buy. Catch us from 2:30-6:30PM!

WHAT: Sacred Object Holiday Bazaar + Bliss Bar
WHERE: Maha Rose, 97 Green St G3, Brooklyn, NY
WHEN: December 14, 2:30-6:30 PM

Vendors include: TAPA candles and jewelry by Tamika Rivera, Ambika Boutique, EAT Pottery, A SPACE, Cara Marie Piazza natural dyes and textiles, Jessa Blades Natural Beauty, Curandera NYC, New York Heartwoods, Schavoir Fair, Erika Vala, Lisa Levine Jewelry, The Brave Collection, Up and Out, and more.