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What is Kin?

Kin was born from the desire to unite all creators through meaningful connection. We believe in a night where social isn’t sinful and self-care doesn’t stop at sunset. It didn’t exist at the bar, so we created the world’s first euphorics to elevate your self, connect with others, and take back our morning afters.

What are euphorics?

Crafted from ancient remedy and modern alchemy, euphorics offer pure bliss without the booze. The secret is in the stack: body-balancing adaptogens, mind-nourishing nootropics, and replenishing botanics work in harmony to uplift mood, enhance perception, and deepen connection.

How will I feel when I drink Kin?

Euphorics are different for everyone, but produce an overall feeling of rising: an elevating blend of sensations including relaxed focus, replenished energy, and lifted mood. Once our well-being is restored, our individual rise becomes collective resonance, allowing us to more meaningfully connect with the people around us. Euphorics typically kick in between 10-15 minutes of consuming a single 2 oz. serving, and each subsequent serving sustains — not intensifies — our rise.

What does Kin High Rhode taste like?

High Rhode has a taste of its own. Notes of hibiscus open the palette while Rhodiola delivers a grounded earthiness with the astringency of a bitter herb. Orange peel and white grape bring bright and bitter undertones, gentian and licorice leave a slight tingle on the tongue.

How should I drink Kin?

Open a bottle of KIN and pour 2 oz over ice in a shaker of your choosing. Craft your stack by adding citrus for zest, spices for warmth, and herbs to taste. Shake mindfully for eleven seconds to blend botanics and awaken euphorics. Top it off with seltzer and garnish with your favorite floral. For best effects, sip socially.

Where should I drink Kin?

A dinner party, friend gathering, or happy hour — drink Kin anywhere you plan to be social. For a few suggestions, check out our upcoming events.

Who shouldn't drink Kin?

Anyone who is under 18 years of age, pregnant, or may become pregnant should not drink Kin.

What should I know before drinking Kin?

If it’s your first time trying Kin, start with a single serving and increase slowly to determine the amount that’s right for you. It is recommend not to exceed four servings of Kin per 24 hour period and not operate vehicles or heavy machinery after drinking. Kin is not intended to be consumed every day and misuse may result in no effect or the opposite effect from the benefits reported.


How does Kin work?

We are wired to survive. Only once we satisfy basic human needs — hunger, thirst, sleep — can we reach a level of well-being able to thrive with others. Kin is designed bridge that leap with grace. The demands of the day deplete our energy, drains our resources, and makes us lesser versions of ourselves. We think less, see less, and feel less. Through a precise stack of premium botanics, nootropics, and adaptogens, Kin provides the building blocks we need to fill back up. Specifically, Kin is designed to balance stress hormones and replenish neurotransmitters, taking us from a mode of sinking (feeling less) to a mode of rising (feeling more). When experienced in a lively setting with other human beings, the effect is social resonance and collective bliss.

What is the relationship between Kin and the brain?

The brain relies on neurotransmitters to carry, boost, and balance signals between neurons and other cells in the body. By acting as the brain’s messengers, they patrol physical and psychological functions like sleep, appetite, mood, and focus. By the end of the day, our brains are depleted of the neurotransmitters required to keep us operating at our prime. Kin is designed to replenish them, and us. Aided by Vitamins B3, B6, B9 and Citicoline — a naturally-occurring brain chemical that increases reaction time at a cellular level — our brain takes the nootropic ingredients in Kin and converts them into the neurotransmitters it needs to thrive. Tyrosine is converted into dopamine (what moderates pleasure and reward), 5-HTP is converted into serotonin (what moderates mood and social behavior), and Phenibut is converted into GABA (what signals the central nervous system to relax). In essence, our minds stops worrying about what they’re missing and can focus on being social.

What is the relationship between Kin and the body?

Kin helps to mediate the “flight or fight” response that rules our daily existence. In response to acute stress, the body's sympathetic nervous system activates due to the sudden release of hormones, resulting in increased heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. Kin helps mediate the intensity of this response by balancing out stress hormones and soothing the central nervous system. GABA slows signalling to relax the muscles and Rhodiola reduces cortisol levels linked to stress, both of which quickly cycle through our bodies thanks to a serving of caffeine equivalent to a cup of green tea. Once our bodies relax, we don’t feel compelled to fight or flee — and can just be.

How long does Kin last?

Euphorics are different for everyone and depend on factors like how much sleep we’ve gotten, the last time we ate, or how stressed we feel. The rise typically kicks in between 10-15 minutes of consuming a single serving of Kin (about 2 oz) and remains active for about an hour. Each subsequent serving of Kin will sustain our rise — not intensify it — giving us full control to dial in and out of the experience as we please. The more Kin we drink, the longer its effects will last, but its potency remains the same. Need to do some work later? Stick to one Kin. Want to dance through the night? Drink another serving or two to stay connected.

Are there any benefits to drinking Kin High Rhode?

Besides short-term benefits of restored well-being, replenished vitamins, and restored neurotransmitters, High Rhode’s primary ingredient, Rhodiola Rosea, has been shown to have promising long-term benefits including reducing stress, alleviating fatigue, and improving brain function.

Will Kin give me a hangover?

You mean that throbbing head, nauseous stomach, and fatigued body we experience after a night of too much alcohol? Short answer: no. The primary causes of hangovers include dehydration, blood acidity, and carcinogenic metabolites used when processing alcohol. Kin does not contain any carcinogenic metabolites, influence blood PH, or actively dehydrate. Water is essential to staying hydrated, so drink plenty with your Kin for an optimal morning after.


What ingredients are in Kin High Rhode?

High Rhode contains a blend of mind-nourishing nootropics — GABA, phenibut, citicoline, caffeine, 5-HTP, phenylalanine, tyrosine — body-balancing adaptogen Rhodiola Rosea, and replenishing botanics of hibiscus, gentian, orange peel, licorice, and white grape. Monkfruit and stevia deliver a hint of sweetness without compromising taste; by using both, their individual flavors cancel out so all you taste is Kin.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics are compounds, some natural and others manmade, that have been found to deliver cognitive benefits to the brain without compromising our natural faculties. Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, the psychologist and chemist who coined the term, insisted that in order for a compound to be a nootropic it should: enhance memory and ability to learn; help the brain function under disruptive conditions; protect the brain from chemical and physical assaults; increase the efficacy of neuronal firing control mechanisms; possess few or no side effects; and be virtually non-toxic. Kin contains only nootropics that replenish the body, which in combination amount to around ¼ the typical nootropic serving when compared to someone who might consume them for performance or cognitive benefits.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a class of plants believed to help balance the body. Many adaptogens have been used for thousands of years in ayurveda, a medical system that originated in India, and are thought to decrease our sensitivity to outside stress; therefore keeping us calm. The primary adaptogen in High Rhode is Rhodiola, also known as golden root, which in various studies has been found to reduce stress, alleviate fatigue, improve brain function, reduce symptoms of depression, improve physical endurance, and even burn fat.

Is Kin natural?

Kin uses natural, plant-based ingredients whenever possible. In High Rhode, the botanics and adaptogens came straight from Earth. Its nootropic components, chosen because they are naturally occuring in our bodies or nature, required a little chemistry to get just right. Each of these ingredients contain the purest potency and highest quality available.

What are natural flavors exactly?

Glad you asked. Euphorics deliver seriously special effects and require an equally special process called liposomal encapsulation for us to feel them in the right place at the right time. Liposomes are made of fatty acids that are already present in the body. By inserting the nootropics, adaptogens, and botanics in these fatty acids, it cues our digestive system to flow them into the bloodstream where they can cycle through our body. Without liposomal encapsulation, the ingredients in Kin would not be as bioavailable to us, meaning we would feel delayed effects or no effects at all. Needless to say, none of this fits on an FDA-approved label without giving away our magic formula, so “natural flavors” was the best we could do. As we work toward developing education and commissioning research around the importance of ingredients and effects, we encourage you to reach out with questions.

How long will Kin stay fresh?

Keep refrigerated and drink within 30 days of opening. If you choose to craft Kin into a cocktail, drink within an hour or two for best effects.

Does Kin contain alcohol?

Kin does not contain any alcohol; it’s all bliss, no booze.

Does Kin contain allergens?

Kin does not contain gluten, dairy, nuts, or added sugar. If you have any concerns about the ingredients in Kin, consult your doctor.

Does Kin contain sugar?

Kin High Rhode contains 2 grams sugar, which comes directly from white grape juice. While not sugars themselves, monkfruit and stevia add subtle sweetness. We mixed them together to neutralized their distinct flavors, so the taste of Kin was not compromised.

How many calories are in Kin High Rhode?

Kin High Rhode has eight calories per serving.


Where do you ship?

Kin ships to the 48 contiguous United States. We do not ship to PO boxes, Army Post Office (APO), or Fleet Post Office (FPO).

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is determined relative to your location and will be shown at checkout.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

When will my Kin Queue order arrive?

Orders placed before December 4th are expected to arrive before New Year’s Eve.

When will my Kin preorder arrive?

Orders placed after December 4th are expected to arrive in January 2019.

When will my Kin order arrive?

Orders placed before 12 PM EST will ship out the same day and arrive between 3-7 business days. Orders placed after 12 PM EST will ship out the next business day and arrive between 3-7 business days.

How do I track my order?

When your order ships you will receive an email with your tracking information that you can use to follow your order until it is delivered.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Once an order is placed, it processes immediately and we cannot guarantee any changes or cancellations. If you need to change your shipping address, please email with subject line “Order Change”, with your Order Number and include change details in the email body. We will do our best to accommodate requests.

What should I do to ensure I receive my order?

Please make sure you can receive shipments from Fedex, UPS, and USPS. Double check the confirmation email to confirm all information is accurate. If not, contact us immediately at with subject line "Shipping Address Change" with your order number and include shipping details in the email body. Track your package closely and plan to have someone receive the package on the day of the delivery date.

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